Philisps Xenium 9 @ 9j will be renamed the Philips X520

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Sometimes, because of some circumstances, the company decides to change the name of your product, even after the date of its presentation. As a result, the market for this product goes a quite under another name, and even most other features. It is as described above, probably will do the Philips company with his mobile phone Philisps Xenium 9 @ 9j. Here there are all prerequisites to think so: the point is that the site of the company removed information about the first model (Xenium 9 @ 9j) and photos are added to the description of the model X520, which are no different from those on which was depicted Xenium 9 @ 9j.

It can be assumed that the transfer model of “Long” Xenium series in a completely new because the manufacturer did not work settings, “survivability” of his brainchild, or that the features of the phone have been changed .

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