Oregon Scientific BAR339DP

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The company Oregon Scientific, known for its weather stations and devices, environmental monitoring, introduced in the Russian market, an interesting device - a multifunctional weather station BAR339DP daily projection of time, technology developed and patented Oregon Scientific.

What is so interesting novelty? Previously, the weather station with a projection clock allowed to project information on the surface only at night, but now using the devices BAR339DP display of weather and time can be seen around the clock. The new model has a OLED display, which conveniently provided with all the information. Weather forecast with the highlights in the form of animated icons.

Using BAR339DP can not only measure the temperature indoors and outdoors, but always be aware of the level of atmospheric pressure and weather forecast for the next day. The new model also includes automatic calendar with the date and day of week and an alarm with increasing volume and signal the “nap”.

The recommended retail price of new items just over 4 thousand rubles.

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