Nova Mobility Announces the Side Arm II – the Ultimate UMPC

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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA –: Nova Mobility Solutions, Inc., a leading mobile computer provider, today announced the launch of a revolutionary line of industrial UMPC devices equaling notebook functionality, the SideArm2 (SA2) series, the first of which, an industrial grade device (the SA2I) will be made available to the
global market by November 2008.

From the front line to the front office, the Nova SideArm2 series sets the standard for what a UMPC should be regardless of environment or application, providing heavy industrial users and devout tech addicts alike with features and functionality necessary for a true 24/7 mobile experience.

At less than 2 pounds the SA2I mobile computer allows mobile users to easily carry a device all day in the field or in-facility and still have full productivity to get the job done. In combination with Intel’s Atom platform the SA2 is able to achieve 10+ hours of battery life that provides an all day, instant-on, always available computing experience.
Encased in magnesium, sealed and drop tested for rugged use, Nova’s compact 7.6”x7.7”x 1” form factor with its combination 7” daylight readable touch screen and full qwerty keyboard offers the communications and technological tools necessary for business efficiency and mobile multimedia regardless of the environment.

The original SideArm was the world’s first rugged UMPC and has been sold for over 7 years to a wide range of end users including Fortune 500 companies. NOVA has created the SideArm2 in response to what global customers are now demanding from mobile computing – lightweight, long battery life, full operating systems along with combined touch screen and keyboard input. The SideArm2 is made for users who require the portability of a UMPC and the capabilities of a notebook computer.

George Ecker, CEO of Nova Mobility Solutions commented, “Our industrial clients want a no-compromise lightweight, sealed, full function computer that can stand up to demanding environments and can go all day. During development, customer response has been so strong that we are now creating SA2 models for other types of end users. We are very proud to say that the SideArm2 does what a UMPC should – offering all the functionality of Notebook PC’s without sacrificing true mobility. I expect the SideArm2 to be a revolutionary milestone for Nova as it opens a new era of mobile productivity and fun regardless of the end use or application.”

A groundbreaking experience is in store for the Nova SA2 users. The daylight readable touch screen provides users with enough real estate to edit documents, display and manage forms, engage in multimedia activities and surf the web on-the-go. The noclamshell, sealed, drop tested magnesium case ensures the device is equally at home in the hands of a fireman, CEO, or college student. Three separate memory portals provide in excess of 80 Gigabits of solid-state storage that can be increased to over 120GB with optional SSD or HDD drives. 10+ hour battery life and exceptional power management provide ample mobility for a full day in the field or a full day multimedia experience. Its sealed case, backlit full keyboards, embedded communications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS are standard, 3G option available) provide an unparalleled mobile platform.

Nova is slated to release multiple versions of its SideArm2 product line tailored uniquely to different users ranging from Industrial, Military, Professional Business and Consumer models. These devices will incorporate features specifically of benefit to each target audience. Operating Systems supported are Microsoft Vista, XP and Linux.

Nova Mobility Systems SA2: Product Key Benefits:
 Battery life.
 Seamless computing throughout the day with its 10+ hour battery
 Run always-on broadband and push email
 Instant-on capability
 Intel Speed Step™ technology
 Less than 2 pounds – lightest full functioning mobile PC.
 10+ hour battery option available at under 2.5 pounds with maximum battery
 Screen view ability.
 High resolution, daylight readable touch screen
 Two full backlit keyboard styles
 Full Touch™ keyboard design is the smallest touch-type able keyboard of
any mobile pc
 One handed input keyboard enables users to hold the device in one hand
and type with the other
 Palm rejection touch screen allows an unmatched and complete user input
 Embedded communications.
 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – standard. Facilitates GSM Cellular and 3G connectivity
through third party service providers.
 Dual Wi-Max / Wi-Fi model available Q2 2009.
 Embedded GPS is standard.
 Supports Vehicle directions and routing applications
 Memory management.
 More memory options than any other mobile computer.
 DOM (2 Slots), 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB per slot
 SSDs 32 – 64GB
 HDDs 60GB – 120GB
 Micro SD 2GB, 4GB, 6GB

About Nova Mobility Systems

Nova Mobility is a leading provider of mobile computing products to businesses, government and consumers and owns rugged computing designs used successfully for over 15 years. Nova is focused on incorporating the latest technologies into their product line of tablet and hand held pc’s to a wide range of markets including military, homeland security, integrated public safety, municipal, transportation and logistics addressing the harshest and most demanding mobile application environments. Nova is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA with sales, research and development facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, please visit

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