SanDisk to announce its 16GB Extreme IV CF cards for DSLRs

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SanDisk to announce its 16GB Extreme IV CF cards for DSLRs

SanDisk to announce its 16GB Extreme IV CF cards for DSLRs

SanDisk announced that it is now shipping an upgraded family of SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash memory cards to better meet the needs of professional digital photographers.

The entire series of SanDisk Extreme IV high-performance memory cards has received a 12.5-percent speed boost up to 45MB/s and the newly-released 16GB card is twice as large as previous capacities.

SanDisk Extreme IV CF cards have undergone internal testing with many leading manufacturers’ cameras and DSLRs, such as Canon’s EOS series, Nikon’s D300 and D3 cameras, the Sony Alpha A700, and the Olympus E500 and E3 cameras. Depending on the camera used, the increased performance of the SanDisk Extreme IV memory card line may help reduce the delay between shots, enabling photographers to take more photos overall. The high-speed cards let all photographers save time and improve their workflow with faster card-to-computer data transfer speeds. 
SanDisk Extreme IV cards carry a lifetime limited warranty and hold the industry’s widest guaranteed operating temperature range, from 13F (minus 25C) to 185F (plus 85C). Finally, Extreme IV CF cards can transfer data from card to computer using a SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader (sold separately), which helps speed up workflow by transferring large image files through the computer’s FireWire port at a speed of up to 45MB/s. 

The 16GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash memory card is available now and it carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 399.99(USD) in the United States

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